Don’t Be Clueless about Clutter: 20 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff

20 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff (1)I’m a big fan of giving credit where credit is due: Cher Horowitz, this is on you. Growing up, my mission in life was to score a computer–complete with dial-up, of course–that would scan my closet and sound an alarm should I mis-match any of my plaid pieces from Contempo Casual. And while I never scored that computer, I’d like to think my closet did hers proud.

The only problem? I’m no longer proud of this closet any of my closets. In fact, my linen closet just about broke me. I am no longer comfortable operating under the hedonistic haze that is consumer culture. Instead, I’d like to be more purposeful with my spending. And I’d also like to have a place to put my sheets.

The sad thing is, I wasn’t alone in my clueless quest for stuff. Consumerism is so deeply entrenched in our culture that we don’t even recognize it anymore. Don’t believe me? See if you recognize anyone you know in the list below. 

You might have too much stuff if…

  1. You have more handbags than there are days in a week…or month.
  2. You have more shoes than there are days in a season.
  3. You didn’t realize you lost your North Face jacket last year because you had two of them and spent the past six months assuming one was “in the wash.”
  4. You own a hardboiled egg slicer.*
  5. You ask your husband to hand you the vase, and he replies, “Which one?”
  6. You keep single socks that the dryer divorced from their mates long ago.
  7. You find a pair of shoes in your closet that no one in your house ever owned.**
  8. You spend more than five minutes deciding what to wear because you’re overwhelmed with options.
  9. You have VHS tapes.
  10. You stash boxes of belongings stuff junk at your parents’ house because that’s easier than dealing with it.***
  11. You own items that still have tags on them even though they’ve been in your possession for days months years.
  12. You have purchased a replacement for something only to find the original item after the fact.
  13. You keep toiletries from hotels knowing full well you won’t use them.
  14. You have your old Babies. Even the one whose hair you tried to cut into bangs but really just created a mullet-y buzz cut.
  15. Your office supply drawer could support a small business. Don’t mess with my Flair pens, though.
  16. You have more food storage containers than your refrigerator, cupboards, and lunchboxes could ever hope to hold.
  17. You own knickknacks. Lots of them. 
  18. You have old t-shirts that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Not even when you’re painting.
  19. You own a pickle picker.***
  20. You nodded your head when you read at least one of these statements.

*Seriously, use a knife. It’s not worth the heartache trying to get that sucker clean.
**I’m looking at you, Mr. P.
***It’s called a fork, amirite?

So Tell Me…How’d you do? Do you have too much stuff? Care to guess which of these are based on firsthand knowledge?

Also, if you want to know more about the catalyst behind my quest for more purposeful spending and mindful living, check our my blogger profile at Phroogal.

Don’t Be Clueless about Clutter: 20 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff

9 thoughts on “Don’t Be Clueless about Clutter: 20 Signs You Have Too Much Stuff

  1. Great blog title, not that I’m biased or anything (cough cough).

    We have problems with not being able to find something and having to buy a replacement. Of course, we usually find the original shortly thereafter. At least it’s usually consumables, so they get used eventually. Still… grrr.

    I’m cleaning out my closet of stuff I don’t wear. One or two had tags attached, but most of them were just not being worn at all regularly. I just need to take them to a reseller store to see if I can get paid for any of them. Then donate the rest to Goodwill.

    1. Ha! So fun 🙂 I will definitely check out your blog this evening.

      My husband is usually more guilty of the not being able to find things. I’m definitely way more of the person who buys things and never wears/uses them. Do you have good resale shops by you?

  2. This is like the alcoholics anonymous quiz: Is A.A. for you? This is just the hoarder’s version, lol. I am proud to report that I only nodded my head yes to one of these statements. I do own VHS tapes. They’re all Loretta Lynn recordings. Don’t tell me that’s weird 🙂 Oh wait, it must be weird. I’m only 34 yrs old. How can this be? But it’s true. I absolutely refuse to dispose of these until Mr. Crackin’ transfers this stuff to to our computer…even if I have to buy the recorder and even though most or even more is available on YouTube.

    1. Coal Miner’s Daughter? Not weird. Well, maybe it IS weird. But I grew up on country, so it kind of makes sense to me. If that’s the only thing on that list you’re guilty of, I’d say hang onto those babies as long as you’d like! Glad you stopped by!

    1. I’m so happy that you can’t relate to this post. (Wait, is that a sign that I’m going to be a bad blogger? Happy that readers don’t connect to my content? Ha!) While I thankfully don’t have mountains of debt to scale, I do have a whole bunch of stuff that adds nothing to my life.

      It was a pretty great opportunity over at Phroogal 🙂

    1. Clutter is the ultimate consumer of time, space, mental energy, you name it. Seriously, when we first moved into our house, I burst into tears because I thought it was too small. Then my mother kindly reminded me that I previously only had one room when I lived at home. It’s definitely a “stuff” issue, not a house issue.

  3. Love it! I am guilty of more than a few of the things on this list. I decluttered my living room during the weekend and now I am going to work on the bedroom. But I know why I have soooo much crap, it is because I think of the when. When I lose weight I will fit in this or when I was younger this was my favorite stuffed doll. I need to get over the when and focus in the now or I will continue to have stuff I never use.

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