1. These are such wonderful reflections. I need to take a que from you and do this more often. Enjoy the last days of your twenties. I thought I’d ever say this, but I don’t miss the twenties at all:)

  2. Happy birthday! The little moments are just as important as big ones, so I hope your day is full of wonderful little moments.

    • It really was a lovely month! There were lots of not-so-great moments, but it turns out they didn’t matter much seeing as I don’t really remember them.

  3. Hooray for snort laughs! 🙂 I think I missed your birthday yesterday — HAPPY 30th!!!! 30s are awesome, and I think you’ll like it here. It’s not all insecurity-free perfection, as some people like to say, but early 30s are definitely when I started to feel like I knew what I was doing. 🙂

    • Slow growth, I like it! I’ve never been a very patient person, so I’m trying to slow down and evolve in that regard.

    • All The Light We Cannot See was the book. You might laugh, but it’s ELF moisturizer. I swear it has done more for my skin than any expensive anti-aging moisturizer ever did. I will add Bittersweet to my holds list that the library. Thank you!

    • The writing and the stories of the children/teens iss so captivating. I haven’t read a grown-up book that I’ve thought about as long as I’m still thinking about that one! 🙂

  4. So true! It’s how we see things (big or small) for what they really are and for the value they add to our life. Happy 30th in advance! 🙂

  5. Happy birthday!

    This is inspiring to me, as I near 30 myself before too long. I turned 28 this year, and I would be lying if I denied that I mourned the death of my “early- to mid-twenties.”

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