Four of My Favorite Buys from Dollar Tree

Four Things To Buy from Dollar TreeThe call of dollar stores is irresistible to some. Others insist on adhering to the you get what you pay for adage. I probably fall squarely in the between both camps. Overall, my shopping forays have taught me that not all dollar stores are equal. Now, it’s Dollar Tree or nothing. While Dollar Tree will not take the place of my regular shopping stops, the fact that Dollar Tree stocks brand-name items and accept manufacturer coupons makes them my go-to place for these four items.

Nothing makes me happier than snail mail. I love to receive it, and I love to send it. However, with the cost of greeting cards now rivaling that of a latte or a Chipotle burrito, I understand people’s reservations about them. Dollar Tree to the rescue! Dollar Tree stocks an amazing selection of 2/$1 cards, solidifying it as my favorite greeting card shop.


With fall and winter on the horizon, it’s time to stock your cupboards with soup. While nothing compares to homemade soups and stews, I’m all for the occasional quick and easy can of Progresso or Healthy Choice. At $1 a can, grocery stores can seldom beat this Dollar Tree price. An added bonus? You can combine Dollar Tree’s rock bottom price with manufacturer’s coupons to save more green.


If the couponing gods haven’t aligned at Target or Walgreens, Dollar Tree is a terrific option for stocking up on toothpaste. Though it can be hit or miss, most Dollar Trees stock Colgate toothpaste that qualifies for coupon use. You’ll have to avoid travel sizes and read the fine print, but the $1 tubes of toothpaste can be discounted 50% or more with the use of a coupon.

Gift Wrap

Step away from the fancy wrapping paper. I’m a big fan of using comics to wrap gifts, but if I’m going the route of actual gift wrap, I’ll scoop up a few rolls or gift bags from the Dollar Tree. Because let’s be honest: my nephews view gift wrap as something that should be demolished as quickly as possible because it’s the single thing standing in the way of their presents.

So Tell Me…Are you a fan of dollar stores? Do you have a Dollar Tree nearby? Any must-buy items that only cost you a buck?

Four of My Favorite Buys from Dollar Tree

9 thoughts on “Four of My Favorite Buys from Dollar Tree

    1. A few months back, we were out-of-town-guests at a party and didn’t have a card to go with our gift. I had to run in a grocery store and almost cried when I saw the prices. Seems so silly when they just get recycled.

    1. Isn’t it? Especially when my nephews were born, I started to realize what gift wrap actually is: a barrier that gets in the way. I’m all about reusing their gift bags, too. Mr. P has received the same birthday bag for three years running now! Not sure he’s noticed…or cares 😉

  1. Cheryl says:

    I also use the comic pages for wrappign paper when giving a “wrapped” gift! I do peruse the Dollar Tree for cards, toiletries and other items – I don’t always walk out with soemthing, but when I do I know I saved more than a buck 🙂

  2. Definitely! Cards, gift wrap, and toothpaste! I also pick up some neat things for science projects with kids at school. Since our budgets are so high (OK – they are NON-EXISTENT) – the Dollar Tree is a life saver for teachers!

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