1. I have never sold on Poshmark before, so I’m grateful for these tips! I particularly like the one about adding SOLD to the listing you donate so you look more in demand. I think I might try cross listing to both Poshmark and eBay, and see how they compare. Really interested to see how the audience is different on Poshmark. Excited! But for now I’m trying to decide if I should list under my blog name or a different one…Pros and cons for both!

  2. I want to start doing this at some point. Not sure if it’s the case everywhere, but down here Goodwill has sales every other weekend. I could scout for good labels. Still kicking myself for not grabbing up the 8 pairs of Lucky jeans I found that didn’t quite fit me. I would’ve spent maybe $6, and I’m sure I could’ve turned a nice profit on those. Though the lighting in our house leaves something to be desired…

    • Oooohhhh this is a super idea. Our local place has a sale every Sunday.

      On Poshmark does it matter which brands you’re selling? Have been doing a decent amount of cleaning out with ThreadUp lately, but the returns are terrible. But it’s also pretty much zero work.

      • It doesn’t matter. In fact, I probably have better luck (or about the same) with things that aren’t designer brands. I toss everything in a Thredup bag after a month or so on Posh.

  3. Haha! Out of my element here. I’m woefully ignorant when it comes to Poshmark. But I do admit, getting something for your unwanted stuff is better than another Goodwill run. Best of luck, Penny.

  4. I’m impressed by the work you put into the posts. I’m in the Get-It-Out-Of-My-House Boat. But that’s because I’m lazy and I have not fully admitted that I live where I do. I haven’t fully settled in and I’ve been here for nearly 3 years.

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