Let’s Collaborate

Sponsored Posts

I do currently run sponsored posts on occasion. I will clearly disclose the sponsorship and will only partner with brands or organizations that represent my ideas and interests, as well as those of my readers.

If I Were Rich – Sample One 

Life Insurance and the Legacy I Don’t Want – Sample Two


If you’re looking for someone to research and write content for your site, weekly newsletters, and more, I’m happy to help.

Ghostwriting & Editing

The same is true for ghostwriting and editing. All those years of undergrad English studies and teaching English has taught me a thing or two about helping smooth out the writing of others while preserving their authentic voices.

Community/Social Media Management

My current favorite side hustle is my collaboration with Tip Yourself. To see my work, check out their Facebook page, their weekly newsletters, and the user profiles on their blog.

Sound Good?

If you’d like to collaborate with me, you can use the contact form below or drop me a line at shepicksuppennies (at) gmail (dot) com