1. I LOVE Serial as well. I usually end up doing binge listening. I live in Cali so it is still pretty hot to be cooking with the slow cooker regularly right now, but I do love it. Thanks for the reading recommendation, it looks like a good read.

    • I totally jinxed the forecast with my slow cooker idea. It’s set to hit the 90s all week here now. Salsa verde will have to wait 🙂

  2. Ready for Fall for sure! Until I saw the forecast this week. We’re ready for chili, apple pie, football, and Oktoberfest!

    While it’s kind of geeked-out, I’m a bit excited about seeing what the markets are going to do this week. Last week was such a wild ride, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out this week.


    • Ooooh, apple pie. How could I forget? I agree. Watching the market could make for an interesting week. So glad you stopped by!

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