• The really silly part if when people know their team is likely to have a terrible season, and they get upset anyway (raises hand). 🙂

  1. I’ve never been a fan of watching football, unless I’m actually in the stands. However, I do enjoy playing it. I really can’t wait for winter to roll around so that I can hit up those ski hills again.

    • I was listening to the podcast while Mr. P was driving (poor husband), and I must have been smiling like a loon…because he totally called me out on it. It’s full of great reminders, and I love how they try to share the science/research behind it too.

    • We can commiserate together! Philly sounds wonderful. I’d love to hit up more of the eastern side of the States (DC and Alexandria is about as far “north” as I’ve made it when it comes to the East coast). I hope you’ll post about it. I look forward to hearing your itinerary or suggestions.

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