Motivation Monday: Happiness, Football Food, and TipYourself

Monday MotivationNeed a little smile this Monday? How about some football food to drown your sorrows? This week’s Monday Motivation is all about happiness, football, and rewarding yourself for life’s little wins. Even if your team lost big-time yesterday (I’m looking at you, Chicago.) 

Click – With a milestone birthday looming large, these charts provided a much-needed dose of comic relief. From a look at why you’re broke to how your facility with a corkscrew changes with age, this click will surely infuse a smile into your workday.

Listen – I stumbled across the Live Happy Now podcast last week, and it’s been such a great addition to my commute. They’re bite-size episodes, so I can finish an entire segment in one drive. What’s more is that they’re full of reminders and tips to take positive risks, do good for others, and brighten your outlook.

Cook – Yesterday was the first NFL Sunday of the season. The Chicago Bears may have finally convinced me to cut the cable cord, and I’m still drowning my sorrows in leftovers of this Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s a crowd-pleaser, only requires a half dozen ingredients, and is relatively healthy, at least as far as football food goes. Which is a good thing…because I have a feeling I’m going to be eating my feelings a lot this season.

Read – For everyone who has ever wondered how to have a positive influence on others, look no further than Broadcasting Happiness by Michelle Gielan. We all send messages and signals to one another on a daily basis. Are you sending the right message?

Do – Give yourself credit for anything you put in the win column this week. Check out the TipYourself app for the perfect blend of microsavings and motivation. You won’t regret it.

So Tell Me…How is football season treating you so far? What puts a smile on your face? 


Motivation Monday: Happiness, Football Food, and TipYourself

8 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Happiness, Football Food, and TipYourself

    1. I was listening to the podcast while Mr. P was driving (poor husband), and I must have been smiling like a loon…because he totally called me out on it. It’s full of great reminders, and I love how they try to share the science/research behind it too.

    1. We can commiserate together! Philly sounds wonderful. I’d love to hit up more of the eastern side of the States (DC and Alexandria is about as far “north” as I’ve made it when it comes to the East coast). I hope you’ll post about it. I look forward to hearing your itinerary or suggestions.

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