Roth IRA Challenge: Monetize Your Talents & Passions

Roth IRA (1)Could you save an extra $5500 a year? When Maggie from Northern Expenditure first announced the Roth IRA Challenge, I wasn’t sure that I could side hustle that hard. However, after reviewing our finances from last year, it turns out that Mr. P and I BOTH managed to side hustle our way to an extra $12,000. The trick? Turning our talents and passions into extra income streams. To get the full details on how we managed to make that much money from two income streams, check out my guest post on Northern Expenditure. To see why we’re so motivated to hustle hard, you might enjoy the following posts:

To learn more about our various income streams, check out:

To see why we hustle so hard, you might enjoy these posts:

So Tell Me…Have you taken the Roth IRA Challenge? How do you get your side hustle on? 

Roth IRA Challenge: Monetize Your Talents & Passions

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