Digital Nomads: Mixing Work and Pleasure

Mixing Work and PleasureMr. P and I are jetting off for a quick trip (hooray for gifting experiences instead of things). While we’re away, thanks to Nate Vickrey for this post on some insights into different job opportunities digital nomads pursue. 

The rise of the Internet brought us a lot of possibilities. Among them is the opportunity not to be desk-bound with some stressful and boring job. Finally, free-spirit people can work and fulfill their dreams about traveling the world at the same time. Instead of feeling depressed in a cubicle, you can enjoy the sun at some Caribbean beach and click your way to your hard-earned money. There are numerous jobs that fulfill all the necessary requirements for the ideal mixture of work and pleasure. Here are some great offerings for all you digital nomad wannabes:

Travel Blogger

Well, this is actually mixing pleasure and pleasure. Traveling itself turns you into a storyteller, so there is not much to work on there. You can decide for universal style of writing where you will talk about whatever crosses your mind about some place, you can also travel by train and make a world’s railway blog, or you can, as Matthew Kepnes, the author of the blog Nomadic Matt, teach people how to travel on a budget. And as this young nomad says, “Travel doesn’t have to be about going someplace exotic, just someplace new and I bet there are many new places near you!”

Any Kind of Blogger

Blogging is actually a dream job because you can write about anything from any corner of the world. Natalie Sisson, for instance, is a world traveler on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to build their personal brand by using online tools. Another interesting type of blogging is promoted by Colin Wright, the author of blog, who is moving to a new country every four months based on the votes of his readers. As you see, all you need is an idea which will inspire people, such as a culinary blog with food all around the world or a blog exploring the traditions and music of different nations, etc.


If you want to be a nomadic photographer, you will need to invest much more than with previous jobs. The proper equipment can be a bit expensive, and if you are traveling into areas with extreme climate, you will need to spend even more on additional protection for your camera. Still, it is an amazing job, and with time, you can get sponsored travel deals and even cooperate with some travel magazines and blogs. Your photography skills will improve over time and it will be easier to find endorsements for your adventures.


Yes, it is possible to do a high-pressure job in a totally relaxed surroundings. Being a broker might sound dull to you, but if you get the hang of it, you can become a proper Wolf of Wall Street (or Thailand if you prefer). Giving up your current job and altering your lifestyle by funding it through trading foreign exchange markets, binary options or even penny stocks. The most important thing is to be well informed about your options and the rules of the market. Perhaps the simplest way to trade in multiple global markets is by binary options. You can find out more about binary options here.

Developer/Web Designer

IT is one of the most prosperous industries in the world, and it is that way in almost every country in the world. As a web developer, youcan build and maintain websites by using knowledge of scripting languages (Perl, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc.), creativity and strong communications skills, which you will need for discussing with clients and closing deals. All the equipment you need is a decent laptop and a valid passport and you can hit the road.

There are many other freelance professions in the world of digital nomads, but the one keyword that connects them all is FREE. You are free to choose your profession, free to organize your own timetable, free to go where your heart takes you and free to enjoy life. It does not get any better.

Digital Nomads: Mixing Work and Pleasure