Flashback Friday: The F Word

Flashback FridayHappy Friday, frugal friends! While I’m busy lovingly planning lessons and instructing scraping kiddos off the ceiling before winter break starts next week, I thought I would do a little flashback Friday action to one of the first posts I wrote on the difference between frugality and cheapness. Where do you land? 

We’ve all heard it. Maybe you’ve even been called it. The F Word.


I’d like to think that there is a difference between frugal and cheap. However, popular nomenclature seems to want to treat these two words as synonyms. Case in point? This lovely open letter written by Giuliana Rancic’s husband to her.* The letter really is quite touching. He pays tribute to her strength and it’s quite easy to picture him beaming with pride as he writes. In an earlier story, he also says the word frugal. Even though I think the word he’s looking for is cheap. Or maybe even rude.

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Flashback Friday: The F Word