1. The shoe photos have me laughing, only because it’s done and over with. I can only imagine how awkward that must have been once you got the third request! I would totally get on board with this, if I had anything nice worth selling. I don’t believe anyone would want my old stuff.

      • Noted. While unpacking everything in the apartment, I did find some really nice business clothes that I haven’t worn since joining the AF, and I do think they might sell. Will definitely be looking into this after I settle in.

  2. I would try this with a pair of black heels I wore once to a wedding but I’m not sure how much demand there is for the Naturalizer brand! You must have some wardrobe! I’ve got a walk-in closet that’s half empty.

    Reading your comments about the volume of questions you sometimes receive, and the low ball offers, made me immediately equate it with selling a house.
    More questions = no offer.
    Low ball offer = potential buyer stepping on my every last nerve! Realtor will have to intervene if we’re going to play nice.

    • Naturalizer would sell well! I even sell my Target shoes. I had foot surgery a while back and had (gulp…) way over 100 pairs of shoes. To be fair, I haven’t grown since freshman year of high school, so I have things that are almost 15 years old, too! Regardless, I had–and still have–WAY too much stuff!

    • It is! I’ve had a lot of luck selling in just a few short months. It definitely picked up for me once I started getting 5-star ratings as a seller. I’ve also seen some amazing deals – but I’m trying not to buy anything 😉

    • It doesn’t even need to be high end! In fact, I actually use Tradesy more for designer items. People seem to expect and accept higher value on that site. LOFT items sell really well…but so do my Merona and Mossimo items from Target!

    • There are so many good finds. I think people are really willing to negotiate for the most part. I haven’t purchased anything yet. I really am trying to declutter. But it’s so tempting!

    • You do include an address. I’m sure you could use a PO Box or something else in case the item comes back to you. If you’re nervous about that, I’d suggest Tradesy. The buyer deals directly with them for any issues so Tradesy is actually the return info 🙂

  3. posh is a great app but u must share to make sales unless u been there the first 1-3 years and have tons of followers who help u a lot and do lots of the sharing for u we have been on there 15 months and over 300 sales 4.9 amazing fast shipping and we do like it a lot but the first year was end of oct 2015 it was great xmas came and i was 2 months in and packaging 13 items a weekend al holiday long wow but this year, it was different if i can make 5 items sales or sell 5 listings a week thats a good week for me now theres kids and mens, and more peope tons of sellers and not enough buyers to go around a lot of people sell and buy some just buy some just sell the longest iv gone is 3-4 days not 1 sale ! thank you and happy 2017 @spookyheartsG

    • I agree! It can be hit or miss. I try to “share” when I’m in line at the grocery store or things like that. I figure it’s not any extra time that I would be spending. Between Poshmark and Tradesy and a local consignment shop, I made just under $1500 last year selling clutter from my closet. I was pretty pleased with that! 🙂

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